11. My ducted heating creating a burning smell | Smoke coming out of vents

A burning smell coming from a heating system, if it hasn’t been used for a while is normal and should dissipate quickly. However, while that initial burning smell is considered normal, it doesn’t mean you should ignore it. Below some types of burning smells and what causes it:

a. Burning Dust Smell. The dust has settled on the heat exchanger and other components inside the heater over the period of inactivity. When heat comes on, the dust burns off and the odor passes through your air vents. This type of smell should go away after a few minutes.

b. Consistent burning smell. If the initial burning dust smell has passed, but the heater still smells like it’s burning, it could be a smell of flue gases entering room air through a crack on a heat exchanger, which is a serious and potentially dangerous issue.

c. Electrical, Plastic or Rubber Burning Smell. Reason for a strong smell of burning plastic while heater is ON could be an overheated fan motor, faulty or damaged electrical wiring or just a blown capacitor. If factory fitted safety features doesn't shut off the system and heater continue to run it can become a danger. Turn off ducted heating immediately and arrange professionals to locate the source and eliminate the problem.

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