4. Cooling system display is blank | Wall control not working


a. The batteries are flat. Some Evap cooler models have a Remote control which require a batteries. Try to replace batteries with a fresh set. Do not forget to re-establish signal with receiver.

b. The circuit breaker has tripped or unit unplugged. Most of Controllers are getting power from the unit, If the circuit breaker trips, it may shut off the power to your cooler and screen will go blank. Check and reset circuit breaker in electrical box. But, do not repeat if the breaker trips again.

c. Blown fuse. Cooling unit has built-in fuse, when it's blown, the transformer will stop supplying voltage to the cooler's components. Replacing a fuse might help to restore power to the cooler and controller.

d. Loose Connections or Wiring Problems. Visually check wiring or connections for damage or oxidation. Also main control board could be faulty.

e. Faulty wall control. If all else fails, your wall control might need to be replaced. The average device has a life expectancy of around 15-20 years.

If you’ve noticed continued problems with a Cooling controller that keeps going blank, we are ready to help. Contact REPAIR Heating & Cooling and our Technicians will identify and solve the problem for you.