9. Unpleasant smell coming from my evaporative cooler | Cooling system produces musty smell

You may not be aware but evaporative coolers collect a lot of dust and pollen. This build-up of dirt and grime clogs up the unit and blocks the filter pads, causing musty smell problems, lower efficiency level and much less cooling effect throughout the house. Clean the sump, thoroughly wash filters or replace, if required.

In some rare cases birds might be nesting under or within your Evaporative cooler and if not detected early, it can turn into a real disaster.

The general recommendations to ensure safety operation, optimum performance and maximum efficiency may range from checks on an annual basis to having the cooling system checked every 2-3 years, depends on the brand and model. The best is to refer to the owner’s manual. Maintenance recommended to be performed just before the summer.

When professional assistance is required or you wish to book a regular service, we are ready to help. Contact REPAIR Heating & Cooling and our Technicians will identify and solve the problem for you, ensuring your house iscool and comfortable through the summer months.