Evaporative cooling common issues and problems



Evaporative cooling common issues and problems

Evaporative cooling not turning ON or blows hot air only? It's an indication that the system in need of service or repairs.

Our Evaporative Cooling Service Technicians with extensive knowledge will ensure your system works. 

We always stock common spare parts in Our vehicles, and we will complete repairs on the same day. 


Evaporative cooling common issues and problems

… Service calls can often be avoided! If you feel your cooler is not operating properly, please check these possible causes first:

Troubleshooting common Evaporative cooling issues / faults:

  • Check power is ON, and the circuit breaker has not been tripped.
  • Check the water supply to the unit is turned ON.
  • Check time delay, usually can take up to 10 minutes to start. Cooler filling up the tank with water, or a pre-wetting the filter pads
  • Check the pump has been selected on the wall control.
  • Check that the fan operates, and the air is coming out from the vents.
  • Check sufficient door and/or windows have been opened.
  • If weather is excessively humid, the cooler may not perform at its optimal cooling level - turn the pump OFF. Check the vents are directing airflow across the ceiling and not towards the floor.


Evaporative cooling common issues and problems
  • My evaporative cooler won’t turn on / not turning on
  • Cooler blowing warm air / not cooling / no cool air
  • The cooler has a blank screen on a wall controller/keypad
  • Evaporative cooler tripping the power/safety switch / Fuse
  • Cooler leaking water continuously / water running down on the roof
  • My cooler creating a burning smell / coming out of vents
  • Evaporative cooling is very noisy / making a strange noise
  • Fan not working / not blowing air / no airflow
  • My evaporative cooler produces musty/unpleasant smell


All the above problems clearly indicate that your Evaporative cooling system needs service or repairs. At REPAIR Heating&Cooling  Our licenced and experienced Technicians will be able to determine what caused the problem and help you get it repaired as soon as possible.


Evaporative cooling common issues and problems


When the cooling is first turned ON, there will normally be a delay before the cool air is delivered from the duct outlets. The delay will vary depending on the cooler's brand/model, but this doesn’t mean the cooler is not operating. Most coolers have pre-programmed delay times to fill up the Cooler’s tank with water and/or Pre-wet the filter pads. The entire process can take up to 10 minutes before cool air is expected from the duct outlets.

Shut down

Many modern cooling units fitted with a dump valve, there is also a delay in emptying the water from the Cooler’s tank for a period after the unit has turned OFF at the end of use. Some models have an additional pre-programmed tank wash cycle. This washes the tank with clean water at the end of use.

If you’ve noticed that it takes Cooler too long to Startup, or it’s continuously leaking water outside of operating cycle - might be there is a problem, and it’s a good idea to get it checked by a Licenced Technician.


Evaporative cooling common issues and problems

We are licensed and insured Service Technicians specialised in repairs and troubleshooting. Have a wealth of experience and product knowledge of all Brands Evaporative cooling units.

We are always keen to repair rather than replace a system if your unit is still within a normal life expectancy of 20 years.

To provide the best possible result we use only Genuine components, the manufacturer's 12 Months Warranty covers all spare parts, and Our Labour carries a 12 Months Warranty as well.


Evaporative cooling common issues and problems

If your cooling system breaks down, we will do our best to come and help!

Our company based in Keilor, VIC, 3036 and we cover all Melbourne's Western and Northern suburbs.

Our standard service call rate includes a Service Technician visit to your property and gives you up to 1 hour of labour. 

If any repairs require parts or additional labour, when the issue is major - it will be explained at the assessment time. A quote will be given before any further work is commenced.

We charge a $190 incl GST standard service fee for Single storey and Double storey - $250 incl GST.

Also, we always offer a free quote or professional advice over the phone.


Evaporative cooling common issues and problems

Q. How often should the cooler be serviced?
A. All manufacturers recommend servicing cooler every 2-3 years to ensure it operates at peak efficiency. Maintenance recommended being performed before the summer season to keep cool and comfortable through the summer months.

Q. The air smells a little different. Why?
A. The brand new cooling pads can give off a mild odour while they are settling in. However, if cooler is a few years old, it may be indicating that the unit needs a thorough clean and check.

Q. How much water does my evaporative cooler use?
A. The amount of water an evaporative cooler uses is dependent on the evaporation rate of the coolers pads. On a hot day, the cooler may refill every half an hour.

Q. How many doors and windows should I have open?
A. Evaporative cooling relies on doors and windows being open, so you need to provide the minimum required airflow relief area. Refer to the owner’s manual for exact numbers. The Rule of thumb is at least one door and window must be open.

Q. Why is there condensation and moisture on my tiles and furniture?
A. If condensate is forming on a hard surface while the evaporative cooler is ON, first of all, make sure a sufficient number of doors and windows are open. Check that the vents are directed across the room and not towards the floor. Also, ensure the unit and filter pads are clean and free of debris.

Q. Is Evaporative cooling effective? How cool is cool?
A. The degree of cooling available from any air conditioning system, is dependent on the outside weather conditions. Evaporative Cooling works best on hot, dry days. If the unit is clean and functioning correctly, you should expect the temperature difference of at least 10 Degrees Celsius.

Q. Should water be coming out of my evaporative cooler during operation?
A. Modern coolers shouldn’t leak any water during operation as they have an Auto Drain Valve fitted. Some models will complete a flush service approximately every 20 cycles. Also basic or older Cooler models have a “bleed-off” system installed and will discharge a small continuous flow from the drain outlet while the pump is ON. 


Still could not find an answer to your question or just need a bit of general advice?

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