9. I can smell gas while ducted heating is ON

There is two types of smell you may notice from the vents while ducted heating is ON, first is a Fuel gas - Natural gas / LPG - fire and explosion hazards. Second is a Flue gas - Carbon monoxide and other products of combustion - they are poisonous, if concentration within a room is high.

a. If you suspect a leak of natural gas, and the odor is strong, you should immediately leave your home, turn OFF main gas valve and contact relevant authority. When there is a Gas leak from pipework or fittings, gas line needs to be pressure tested, pin point leak spot and rectified.

b. If suspected smell is minor or you notice any of the following symptoms like dizziness, feeling sick, nauseous or headaches they could be caused by Carbon monoxide leaking from your heater due to a cracks on a heat exchanger. In this case Heat exchanger or Entire heater might have to be replaced.

Any gas leak from a ducted heater is a major issue and can be dangerous. To be sure your gas heater is safe have it checked regular.

When a safety or performance checks are required, we are ready to help. Contact REPAIR Heating & Cooling and our Technicians will identify and solve the problem for you.