1. My ducted heating would not turn on | Not turning on | No longer blowing any air


a. Thermostat malfunction or misuse. Check batteries in Thermostat, replace them once a year or as needed. Double-check that it is set correctly.

b. Main control board in a safety lockout. Switch ON/OFF power to the heater to reset Main control board. Don't Use RESET more than once 1 month.

c. No power going to the ducted heater. Check if Fuses or Circuit Breakers has tripped . If the circuit breaker was tripped again, leave it off. Problem might be related to a short circuit within the unit.

d. No power within the heater. Check the inspection window, you should see a flashing LED light. If there is no lights then the problem could be the fuse, loose wiring, transformer or main control board.

e. Read the code. Most of ducted heaters built after 1999 have a LED light that can flash a code to help you determinethe problem sooner. Note the sequence of the flashing light. Codes list on the access panel tells you what the code means.

If the unit is still would not turn on after trouble shooting all these steps, we are ready to help. Contact REPAIR Heating & Cooling and our Technicians will identify and solve the problem for you.