1. My evaporative cooling would not turn on | Not turning on | Not blowing air


a. No power going to Evaporative cooler. Ensure circuit breaker is ON, cooler plugged in and 240V present at power point. If the circuit breaker was tripped, reset it. If does trip again, leave it off. Problem might be related to a short circuit within the unit.

b. No power within the cooler. Ensure Isolating switch is ON, check main control board, LED light should should be ON. If it is not, then the problem could be the fuse, loose wiring, transformer or main control board.

c. Thermostat malfunction or misuse. Check all settings are correct, use MANUAL mode with PUMP ON. If it is a remote control - check batteries or re-establish communication with receiver.

d. No water supply. Check the shut off valve is ON. If cooler not filling or not holding water, then the problem could be an inlet solenoid, float valve, drain valve or main control board.

e. Fan motor problem. Check if the fan blade is still attached to the motor and bearings are spinning freely. Also capacitor, fan motor or main control board could be the issue.

If the unit is still would not turn on after trouble shooting all these steps, we are ready to help. Contact REPAIR Heating & Cooling and our Technicians will identify and solve the problem for you.